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The assassination of the 35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, TX.
This research website presents several studies and analyses of cameras, still cameras, films and photographs related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


There is no possible doubt in my mind that the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the result of a well-orchestrated conspiracy, covered by a group of very powerful people. I am also convinced that those involved people and/or their heirs still continue to conceal proofs and vital information to prevent from solving the mystery of the Kennedy assassination. Their main motivation, beyond the protection of their freedom and honour, is the safeguard of their substantial incomes and the continuity of their business for future generations.

God Bless America !!!

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Marcel Dehaeseleer
Independent Researcher


Trip to Dallas for the 50th celebration of JFK Assassination. Photo Album.
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Was Orlando Bosch Avila in Dealey Plaza when President Kennedy was killed? Orlando Bosch, a zealot, turned out to be the most aggressive... Camera Obscura Experiment
Probably, the ultimate, undeniable and accurate experiment in purpose to break a myth in JFK assassination.
A Tribute to Jack White I have decided to write these words in order to make my admiration for Mister Jack White as public as possible...
Mary Moorman Photos
Mary Moorman was holding her
camera horizontally instead of vertically!!!
Dave Wiegman Film
The Groden "Wiegman" film is not an absolute timing reference.
Stoughton Vs. Rickerby
Cecil Stoughton and Arthur Rickerby (Photos comparisons.)

The Assassination Cameras - Overview and User's Manual
Abraham Zapruder Camera
The Bell&Howell 414PD Zoomatic "Director Series."
Mary Moorman Camera
Polaroid Highlander model 80A.
Robert Earl Croft Camera
Argus C3 - 35mm.
Phillip (Phil) L. Willis Camera
Argus Autronic I - 35mm.
Tina Towner Camera
Tower Varizoom double 8mm.
Lee Harvey Oswald Camera
Imperial Reflex 620 Duo Lens
(CE 750).
Charles L. Bronson's Camera 
(Charles Leslie Bronson)
- Keystone Olympic K35 Turret - Double 8mm movie camera.
My preferred movie camera from my personal collection...

The French Corner - Topics for the French-speaking visitors
Images Fantômes Zapruder film (Ghost Images) explication simple du phénomène... La Petite Gazette Copweb JFK
Articles, nouvelles, explications didactiques... 
L'expérience Camera Obscura
Pour déterminer la position réelle de Mary Moorman...  
Les témoins photographiés sur Dealey Plaza  1  2  3  4  5  6
Alain Boquet nous présente une liste presque exhaustive des témoins photographiés sur Dealey Plaza, explications, photos et liens vers les témoignages de ceux-ci. 
Le Dirty Business des Bush$ et le 9/11
Difficile de définir cet article relatif aux attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Cette page présente une synthèse conspirationniste "modérée" relative à ces tragiques événements.
Les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 - Que s'est-il réellement passé?
À la lecture du fameux "THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT" on ne peut que constater qu’il s’agit d’une véritable insulte à l’intelligence humaine.

 11 Septembre 2001

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